Allett launches C34 Evolution first electric mower

Mower manufacturer Allett has entered the electric mower market with the launch of the C34 Evolution, large area, walk-behind cylinder mower.

Using lithium ion battery technology, the C34 Evolution is targeted at users looking after sports stadiums, training grounds and prestige lawns.

Allett says the battery system powers the 86cm mower for more than 6,000m2 (1.5 acres) per charge – without a reducing performance. Changing batteries takes less than 30 seconds and it takes less than one hour to recharge a battery. And Allett also estimates the cost of a complete charge is only 0.40p.

While the battery drive and chassis design are brand new, the C34 Evolution is fully compatible with Allett’s turf maintenance system and can be used to drive interchangeable cartridges to scarify, rake, aerate, brush and verti-cut.

Electric power for the professional brings a whole range of benefits. Primarily there’s no noise, no emissions at the point of use, less maintenance, easier controls, no pull-start and hand-arm vibration (HAV) is also much reduced, allowing longer operating times.

Allett believes this, coupled with no fuel management and storage requirements, leads to a lower lifetime cost of ownership.

There is variable speed control and touch button control to give half-speed reduction for turning and manoeuvring. Built-in back-lapping gives the ability to keep blades sharp for cleaner cutting and quiet operation.

Four batteries clip out of the machine to be separately charged. The mower will run with one, two, three or four batteries if required at full performance but proportionately reduced running time.