4 in 5 Brits say seeing a driver’s face helps

Seeing a driver’s face helps understand their intentions and improves our safety, according to research by Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK.

88% motorcyclists and 82% cyclists thought they needed to see a driver’s face to feel safe on the road and even more (94% motorcyclists and 93% cyclists respectively) believe that seeing a motorist’s face helps them to understand their intention.

But more than half (58%) motorcyclists and cyclists admitted to having stopped or passed on the inside of a truck which then turned left and 61% admitted they had undertaken a manoeuvre close to a truck that they regretted afterwards because it was dangerous.

Commenting on the research, Mike Belk, Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK Managing Director, said: ‘At Mercedes-Benz, we are committed to using the very best technology to increase visibility on the road, helping to keep both the driver and other road users as safe as possible. We have been developing innovative safety systems for more than 45 years and we continue to advance road safety with our latest trucks, including the Econic.’