2019 Programme

Day 1: Wednesday 23 January


Registration, coffee and exhibition viewing

Those attending day one of the conference can apply for 4.5 CPD hours awarded by CILT


Welcome and Introduction

Christopher M Hayward CC , Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee , City of London
Ann Marie Knegt , Editor , LAPV


Keynote: Montreal’s electrification programme

• Learn how the City of Montreal electrified its fleet
• Find out about the experiences of the City with electric vehicles and integration of 100% electric vehicles was carried out
• Learn how the City of Montreal functioned as a vector of change in electrification (sensitisation) 

Philippe Saint-Vil , Head Planning and Operations Support , City of Montreal


Biodiesel trials in Iowa

• Hear the unique perspective of a biodiesel pioneer and a member of the military while learning about the relationship between the two roles against a historic backdrop
• Identify Strategic Partnerships that are a key to success of a biodiesel program 
• Take on board practical tips for the adoption and successful use of biodiesel

David May , Fleet Manager , Iowa Department of Transportation


Break, coffee and exhibition viewing


Stockholm’s fleet management policy

• Learn how Stockholm encouraged its inhabitants to walk, cycle or use public transport
• Find out how car sharing helped lower emissions 
• Learn how Stockholm converted its fleet to green vehicles, and what steps the City had to take to achieve this 

Johan Seuffert , Fleet Manager , City of Stockholm


Post-incident Investigations: a lawyer's view

• Learn how to deal with an incident investigation: law, duty, practice, and expectation
• Find out about the perils and pitfalls of conducting your own enquiries
• Learn about legal privilege and third party disclosure: the status of statements and reports

Mark Scoggins , Solicitor Advocate , Fisher Scoggins Waters


Lunch and exhibition viewing


Global cities and zero emissions fleet

  • Learn why cities are leading the transition to zero emissions fleet
  • Find out how cities around the world are making this change 
  • See what lessons and challenges cities face, and how you can apply this to your own organisation

Caroline Watson , Programme Director, Transportation and Urban Planning Network Manager, Zero Emission Vehicles , C40


ITS and the future of cities

• Find out what types of transport and mobility are coming to our cities soon
• Learn about the policy aspects of new mobility 
• Find out how automated, connected, electric, and shared mobility will affect municipal operations

Richard Harris , Director , Ohmio, and ITS UK


Coffee, tea and exhibition viewing


Maintaining driver mental wellbeing to improve operational performance

  • Become aware of the links between fatigue, stress and mental wellbeing and the operational practices that may exacerbate poor driver wellbeing
  • Learn to understand of how mental wellbeing impacts the safety and performance of professional drivers and increases operational costs
  • Find out about guidance on the strategies that employers can implement to measure and manage driver wellbeing

Dr Paul Jackson , Head of Impairment Research , TRL


GPS Jamming

  • Learn what jamming and spoofing is and how it impacts fleet
  • Learn about the scale of GPS jamming. How it ranges from employees defeating fleet management tools, up to organised vehicle crime and terrorism
  • Learn how to deal with loss of GPS, and how to carry out resilience planning for business continuity
  • Find out about the risks of public sector vehicle security

Paul Owen , National Lead UK Law enforcement on GPS Jamming, Police Senior User, Home Office , JESIP, on secondment from Hampshire Police


Managing the NYPD’s fleet

  • Learn about the unique challenges in managing a Governmental fleet
  • Find out what the growing risk are of cyber threats for Governmental fleets
  • Learn about the electric vehicle revolution for Governmental fleets
  • Find out how important data is in running a Governmental fleet

Robert S. Martinez , Deputy Commissioner , NYPD


Close of conference

Ann Marie Knegt , Editor , LAPV
Christopher M Hayward CC , Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee , City of London

18.00 - 23.00

Evening programme

The Future Fleet Awards at the Great Hall


Day 2: Thursday 24 January


Coffee and networking

Those attending day two of the conference can apply for 4 CPD hours awarded by CILT


Introduction Day 2

Jeremy Simons , Chairman Port Health & Environment Committee , City of London


Car crash television: That might just save lives

  • Learn how the producers successfully delivered a road safety message that resonated with an early evening ‘family friendly’ TV audience
  • Find out how the producers imbedded multiple bite-size safety messages within their content that were each designed to resonate with different types of road users
  • Find out how send out a message to change road habits and in doing so avoids killing someone, or being killed, in a road collision then we have achieved our goal

Dara Tallon , Documentary Producer , Oddboy Media
Owen McArdle , Documentary Producer , Oddboy Media


Prioritising safety and best practice for fleets of the future

  • Find out how new emerging technologies should not compromise fleet safety standards
  • Learn how the emergency services are dealing with its own distinct challenges and how these solutions can be used in other public sector fleets
  • Find out how accreditation standard IRTEC Light can help ensure the safe running of your fleet

Mick Sweetmore , Head of Fleet Engineering and Transport Services , Merseyside Police/ Incoming SOE President


Coffee break


Battery technology - the future

  • Learn what to expect in the years ahead, about large battery packs versus small packs with smart charging and hydrogen cells for range extension
  • Find out how the economics of vehicles work, including purchasing costs, operating costs and the infrastructure needed for depots
  • Learn what the timeline will be for developments, highlighting the choices facing both manufacturers and operators

Andre Lagendijk , Product Manager , Geesinknorba


Electric RCVs - a case study

  • Learn why electric commercial vehicles are viable in the municipal sector
  • Learn about real operational experience with electric HGVs
  • Find out what the future holds for this type of technology

David Maidman , Business Director , BIFFA
Russell Markstein , Group Commercial Director , Electra Commercial Vehicles




Effectively managing Capital Assets - Make Smarter Decisions

  • Learn how to shape modern systems to consolidate engineering, procurement, life cycle, replacement data into a single platform
  • Find out how to run strategic replacement forecasting over a defined time horizon eg 0-20 years
  • Find what operational replacement plans look like for Local Authorities 

Nick Bridle , Professional Services Consultant , Assetworks


Electric power heralds a revolution in municipal vehicles

  • Benefits of electric vehicles in municipal daily business
  • Technology trends in alternative drive solutions
  • Is there a financial benefit with electric vehicles?

Dominik Kalt , Head of Product Management - Sweepers Technology , Aebi Schmidt Deutschland


Close of conference

Those attending both days of the conference can apply for 8.5 CPD hours awarded by CILT

Jeremy Simons , Chairman Port Health & Environment Committee , City of London
Ann Marie Knegt , Editor , LAPV